A private investigator are one of the problem solvers of human societal virus. There are many jobs that they have to go through just to make sure that they will solve a case that they are working on. Otherwise, their names will receive a bad reputation.

A private investigator apt to investigate things secretly which means they investigate on things and people without being noticed or by just using their hands and eyes, not usually mouths. If they are able to solve cases that are difficult, this means they can be credited as people who knows how to help human problems. A private investigator can act professionally or act as an ordinary person.  A true story happens in history of Korea. An investigator went down to a city to to check if the officers were really taking care of the civilians or not. He went and observed them and saw the officials malicious conduct and misbehavior.

Although they were being noticed by the deputy investigator, they did not recognize him. This is because he disguised as a person that no one is pleased to look at him. The investigator went on a very shabby clothes and dressed like a farmer.If had gone to the village with his real uniform or even an investigator appearance, he could have been recognized and the officers could have been pretended on their behaviours. This is why a private investigator has to do anything even to the point that he would put himself down just to solve the problems he is tasked.